U.S. District Court Subpoenas

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A party with a case pending in the United States District Court can request a person to testify or produce documents through a subpoena request. The U.S. District Court subpoena can be issued by the clerk of the issuing court or an attorney authorized to practice in the court where the action is pending. We can assist our clients at any point in this process from issuance to service upon witness or custodian of records.



We can assist with preparing the subpoena following the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 45 including calendaring dates, listing us as the place of production, properly serving the notice to all parties, and serving the request accordingly. Our office provides our clients with a draft for their review and approval prior to proceeding.

Subpoena Service of Process

We support our clients who prefer to issue their subpoenas and would like for our office to ensure that service of process is done timely and accurately. Through our developed network of process servers, we are able to serve subpoenas throughout the United States so our clients can focus on other matters.