Out-of-state Subpoenas

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At some point in the subpoena process our clients have been faced with the challenging procedure of obtaining discovery from a third-party in another state. Although the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) has been enacted in most states, not every court requires the same documents. This process can be overwhelming and time consuming. We assist our clients with obtaining discovery from another state, whether the request is to have someone appear and testify or produce records.


Issuance of CA & Foreign Jurisdiction Subpoena – We can assist with preparing the subpoena from the court in California following the Rules of Civil Procedure according to what is being requested. This includes calendaring dates, listing us as the Deposition Officer, and properly serving all parties with the required documents. Our office provides our clients with a draft for their review and approval prior to proceeding. Once that is approved, we proceed with obtaining the documents needed whether that is a commission, petition, letter, or any other document required by the foreign jurisdiction to proceed with the issuing of the subpoena in that state. Once all required documents have been issued, we proceed with serving the subpoenas to the requested entity or witness.



Issuance of foreign jurisdiction subpoena

We also assist clients who prefer to start the process by issuing the California subpoena. We will work on obtaining all required documents from the foreign jurisdiction and following their guidelines to obtain the issued subpoena within that state. Once all required documents have been issued, we proceed with serving the subpoenas to the requested witness or custodian of records.


Subpoena service of process

We also support our clients who prefer to issue their subpoenas from California and the Foreign Subpoena but would like for our office to ensure that service of process is done timely and accurately. Through our developed network of process servers, we are able to serve subpoenas throughout the United States so our clients can focus on other matters.