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Emin Ter-saakov

Emin started his career in the criminal/civil background screening industry in 2010 where he expanded his knowledge and gained experience that quickly led him to a director role. During his leadership, he worked with courts and technology companies that helped grow a small, local business into a multi-million-dollar company while creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork. He brings over a decade of leadership experience in the areas of business development, finance and customer service. Emin is driven to ensure that all clients receive high level service and support.


Ivania “Roxy” Obando

Ivania began her career in the record retrieval industry in 2008 while working for large litigation support companies. Her passion for the industry led her to take on the responsibility of creating efficiencies by improving procedures, protocols, and client relations. She led teams and departments resulting in accelerated growth. Her desire to provide exceptional service drove her to pursue a certified Paralegal degree. Ivania is a dedicated professional who seeks to provide a simplified solution to help alleviate the burden on her clients.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional quality service that brings a noticeable value and promotes enduring relationships. We also strive to persistently create a culture that encourages growth and understanding to our dedicated team who drive this mission forward.

Over 25 Years Of Legal Experience

We are a knowledgeable team with over 25 years of legal experience processing subpoenas throughout the United States. We bring passion for what we do, our experienced staff are trustworthy and reliable in providing our clients with the best results for their record retrieval needs


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